Robojuice Podcast

Robojuice Podcast

Take the guesswork out of the Web. Understand the digital solutions that help companies eliminate the stress of maintaining an effective online platform; freeing you to focus time and energy on areas that fuel your passion and creativity.

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    EP22: Remote Work

    The place we work each day impacts and tests our productivity, stress levels, and effectiveness. At Robojuice we choose work remote and in this episode we talk about why.

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    EP15: Before You Start Conduct Analysis

    Before you start, you need to conduct a thorough analysis. What problem are you really trying to solve? What do you really need to achieve? Work together to determine what the real needs are, because you’ll frequently discover that what you actually need to accomplish your goal is different than what you originally imagined.

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    EP14: Excellence Over Control

    Excellence is essential for an effective project that accomplishes what it intends. No truly successful company gets the results they achieve with mediocre people having mediocre skills doing mediocre work. You have to be committed to continual improvement, because the world is constantly changing, the web is constantly changing, and the skills you need to create solutions that reach your goals are constantly changing. You can’t rely on what you learned even two or three years ago.

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    EP13: Have an Onboarding Process

    Without process, stress is certain and the outcome of the project is not. During onboarding, the clearer the process is, the more effective it will be. There’s no one right process, but you do have to have a process that each team member is committed to following.

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